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Larry Karam

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Born in February of 1950, Larry is the first son and first child of Tony and Julia Karam. He is the father of three children - Jerod (1976), Khara (1978), and Garrett (1980).

Larry started his tenure at the Mexican Manhattan Restaurant at the ripe old age of 8 years. When questioned about his beginnings in the family business, he simply states, “I remember washing dishes in the basement when my dad first opened the restaurant. I've been working here ever since.


Rewards are few and far between when you are the owner of a business. Larry sees his rewards in the growth and success of the restaurant over the last several years and in the generation after generation of satisfied and loyal customers that call the Mexican Manhattan "their" restaurant.

Of course, life is not always perfect--there are down times, too. Quite often things do not go exactly as planned, but Larry has a secret formula for dealing with times like these. “You have to learn from those experiences, put them behind you, and move on to what you do best—providing quality service to satisfied guests.

"The restaurant business is a very tough way to make a living," Larry says. “It takes long hours on your feet and a great deal of dedication to the establishment and its employees to really be successful. The one thing, though, that always keeps me going is my wife and kids and their dedication to me.

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